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Artists You Know, New Music You Don’t

Posted on September 22, 2017
By Nikki Martinez
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Nikki Martinez
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Once again, we’ve added some new tracks that we’re hoping encourage, inspire, and maybe keep you grooving as the weather may make life feel like it’s slowing down. It’s always interesting to see what y’all vote up to the top, some fitting into more of the rock side of stuff (Ashes Remain) to songs that make you want to sway back and forth (Lauren’s latest). Hope you enjoy each song…and some info behind them!


Danny Gokey, “The Comeback”

When you think of the word Comeback, what thoughts or examples pop into your brain. If you’re honest, it’s probably a moment in your life where you almost thought all was lost, but God said “not yet.” Well, if you really look at the story of Danny’s life, you’ll see this song comes from a very similar place, a place that he’s experienced multiple times! The beauty is that he’ll be singing this song proudly while touring with other “Comeback Kids” like Mandisa and Jasmine Murray when they hit the road this Fall! And on top of touring, Danny and his wife will have a busier schedule now that they’re kids outnumber them: little Gabriel Gokey was born in August!

Jeremy Camp, “Word of Life”

Recently Jeremy joined other Christian artists in raising funds for victims of the Hurricanes, but his concert performing isn’t done yet. He’ll be on the road, singing this one (and others) on “The Answer Tour,” while his new CD “The Answer” can be Pre-Ordered now. And yes, he continues to spend sweet time with his kiddos and wife any chance he can!

Ashes Remain, “All of Me”

If you’ve been listening to KVNE for awhile (or Christian music at all), you’ll probably know these guys from their song “Everything Good.” But what you may not know is they’ve got a massive amount of other songs that tend to be a little harder, usually touring with groups like Skillet, Red, Disciple and other heavier Christian Rock groups. But they’ve come back, signed with a new label, and worked on a new album that they’re thrilled to release soon!


Jason Gray, “Learning”

He’s a busy man, with busy plans, and a song that reminds us all we’re still growing and learning in the busyness. In between spending time with his sons and planning a wedding, Jason is touring with David Dunn and The Afters – whew!! Here’s a little bit from his heart about what this latest song means

Lauren Daigle, “O’ Lord”

One after another, it seems like Lauren keeps the worship coming, and I don’t know about you, but I’m okay with that. I’ve already caught myself busting out the chorus and lifting my hands in praise a few times in the studio (no, I do not have video), and that truly is the power behind this latest song from Lauren. Right now she’s taking a little break, but be prepared to see this girl on the road again in the next few months! Until then, enjoy a little acoustic sesh of this new one


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