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Posted on June 11, 2014
By Nikki Martinez

The words that you and I try to say don’t always come out the right way we want them to. And for myself as an On-Air Announcer, that can mean an inspiring audio clip can do the job better than I can. Well, here are a few audio clips that YOU’VE asked about that we’ve played on one or more of our shows!


You Are AWESOME Audio

Worthy of Love


Advice to New Parents




  1. Mary

    Love advice to new parents makes me cry, my husband and I are raising three of our grandchildren
    This advice is for all families what’s important

    • Nikki Martinez

      Well our prayers go out to you and your husband Mary, and for your whole family! Times can very much be tough, but God can get you through to the valley! Hugs and Blessings–Nikki


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