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August 12th Evening Show Recap

Posted on August 12, 2013
By Nikki Martinez





You may not have any yourself (or any left), but happy Vinyl Records Day! The only ones I have are 2 Queen albums that I decided to keep in album frames in the guest/game/man cave room (yes, we have 1 extra room that is a mix of things).




hits deep






*No need to pull out a record player though to catch some of your favorite artist’s music. With technology, grabbing a song is easy breezy on your phone, computer, and even TV. And if you want a FULL experience, you head to a concert. One guy getting things set and together for his fall tour is TobyMac. His ever popular “Hits Deep Tour” was so much fun, he wanted to do it all over again. Sadly, the tour won’t be heading our way, but if you’re doing some traveling, you may get to see it!



*When it comes to capturing a concert, most people now whip-out their phone and set it to “video” mode. With some of the phones today, the quality of video is exceptional, which I have a feeling will be another selling point for the new iPhone being revealed September 10th. Personally, I will never own an iPhone–don’t have the money and don’t see the purpose. I do enjoy smartphones though, so for those who are Apple fans, you could be expecting either the iPhone5S or the iPhone6. Not sure what else they’ll bring to the table new, but whatever it is, eyes and ears will be tuning in.


*The weather was a tricky, tricky thing over the weekend here in East Texas. I will spare the details, but let’s just say, if the 4 of us ladies, plus a few angels, didn’t hold down the tents at the end of the Shoe Marathon on Saturday, they would have flown into Broadway (in Tyler) and caused a 20 car pile-up!! It seems that The Afters had some weather problems as well in NC. During sound-check, THIS happened (thankfully no one was injured):

The Afters - https://www.facebook.com/theafters


*If it’s not storming though, it is hot, which has increased the number of burn bans. Now, the counties that are officially on a burn ban are Anderson, Camp, Franklin, Harrison, Henderson, Hunt, Kaufman, Marion, Panola, Sabine, San Augustine, Shelby, Trinity, and Upshur.


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