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August 20th Evening Show Recap

Posted on August 20, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

Vaccines, school supplies, and so much more. Even if you’re not a parent like myself, it seems the start of the school year can feel overwhelming…and I haven’t been in school for almost 7 years!! Everywhere you turn, it’s the trending topic with tips and tools to gear-up and get ready. And yes, you’ll find some info here as well, but don’t worry, I talked about more than just perfect lunch-packing techniques.


*It may not be the common vaccine shot you or your child get every few years. But officials are suggesting that both kids and some adults get the Measles Vaccine if you’ve never had it. In less than 1 month, already 14 cases of measles has popped-up in Texas, with a possibility of a dozen more by the end of the month.


*They’re popular in the Christian Music industry, but now The Afters have gained a little secular tip-of-the-hat.

The Afters



*The Burn Ban is still in effect and going strong for all 16 counties. Here is the list once again:










San Augustine








*Michael W. Smith is still a pretty busy man, even without new music coming out. But he’s not too busy to make a stop here in East Texas. Coming October 13th, he’ll be performing at the Belcher Center in Longview. For more details, check it all out HERE


*Your hearing isn’t going away because you’re getting one year older. It’s because you turned the music up one notch higher and keep turning it up. More research has been proving that age does not cause hearing loss, but too much, and too loud, of noise on a daily basis. Best rule, especially for wearing headphones: If the person next to you can hear your music, you’re listening to whatever it is too loud.


*Get ready to boil your water this whole week…if you live in Troup that is. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has put out a Boil Advisory that could last until Sunday! John Philips, public service director, can be reached with questions at 903-842-3128.



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