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August 5th Evening Show Recap

Posted on August 5, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

Digital Age


What a great turn-out to the Digital Age and The Avid Light concert last Friday night! Super-sweet people, with worship flooding from the crowd—the Holy Spirit was there for sure.


With it now being Monday, many things kept going while you and I took in the weekend. One such thing that’s developed over the last few weeks is a price war…on books of all things. Amazon and Overstock.com are not so happy with each other, but could be making you a happy reader. The battle is bringing down book costs, which include making some e-book title FREE!


Some stuff that just started today was Road Work. It’ll be going on possibly this whole week on US 259, in between FM 850 and Kilgore Bypass. Make any plans of a new route according to your travels.


It can be yummy and sugary, but too much of a “good” thing can be bad. That’s what latest research is saying about fruit juices for little ones. One or more fruit drinks a day for a child under the age of 5 can increase their chances of obesity drastically. A little more, including a video, HERE.


Facebook has it’s positive moments, like bringing families together that are miles and miles away! But when you start adding things that are absolutely annoying, the company could find people checking out of the social networking site. That’s why the people who are in talks about possibly adding Video Ads to the layout should really  think about this idea…and maybe put it in the trash can as fast as possible!





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