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Be Jesus’ Face

Posted on May 15, 2023
By Mike Harper

We’ve all heard “Be the hands and feet of Jesus.” Doing His work for His name’s sake.

It’s almost cliché, but nonetheless important. But it occurs to me we could also be Jesus’ other body parts. What about His eyes and ears? Watching for opportunities to shine His light. Listening to one another with empathy and compassion.

Let’s be the arms and legs of Jesus. Strong arms to wrap around the shoulder of a hurting friend. Legs to do the hard leg work, the heavy labor of ministry.

Or how about the face? Can we be Jesus’ face? If you were face to face with Jesus right now, what would His face look like? Would He have a furrowed brow? An anxious look? A resting frowny face?

I think not.

Jesus’ face would be smiling! Radiant! Exuding joy, love, and mercy. Jesus’ face would be the kind of face that would draw anybody in, and cause them to want to be like Him.

Be Jesus’ face.


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