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Be Prepared for God to Change You!

Posted on March 22, 2017
By Nikki Martinez
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Nikki Martinez
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I’ve always been a planner! Since I was a kid I had ambitions and goals: to do well in school, get scholarships, go to college, and have a job.

Mind you, these were thoughts I had since about 4th grade – planning out life while other girls planned what outfit their next Barbie needed! But I’ve realized these last few years that there will always be things that I just can’t plan for.

I couldn’t have known I would lose friends to drunk drivers and wrong decisions. I didn’t plan for mental illness to take my uncle’s life (and almost mine in middle school). I didn’t think I’d get let go from jobs I thought I’d be at for awhile. It wasn’t ever my ambition to see my younger sister become a single mom at such a young age.

Yet, on the flip side, the blessings God has brought through those tough times have been more then my pea-brained mind could ever comprehend. In fact, Proverbs reminds us all, over and over again, that we must “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). The reality is we can plan and plan and plan, yet God sees the bigger picture of our life and can easily knock our plans down.

I’m not encouraging you not to have goals and ideas of where you want your life to go (savings, jobs, who you want to spend your life with). But be prepared that change can happen at anytime, and be ready to roll with it.

We are constantly being molded and grown and stretched. Just in these last few days of packing and moving into our first-ever owned home as a married couple, God has been constantly growing Nathan and me! It’s kind of like what Mandisa sings about in her new song “Unfinished.”

How has the Lord been stretching you recently? Would love to hear your story and thoughts in the “Comments” section below! 🙂

Mandisa – Unfinished

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