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Because Your Voice MATTERS

Posted on March 2, 2016
By Nikki Martinez

Hi Y’all!

Being on the air here at KVNE and our sister station KGLY is a wonderful gift from God, being used everyday in a way my 12 year-old self would’ve never thought. But the other part of my job (because we all wear multiple hats here) is just as fun – Music Director! The thing is though, there is sooooooo much music that comes in weekly that it can slightly get overwhelming when making music choices and decisions. I’m gonna be honest: I do my best in making the final call on music added to KVNE and KGLY, BUT I love teamwork and am glad to hear input, thoughts, ideas. It’s why we created The Music Crew and YOU can be part of it. Sign-up now HERE and about once to twice a month you’ll receive an email giving you the chance to rate current songs, songs we haven’t played in awhile, and yes, new music too!katie from mardel

If you’ve signed-up already, THANK YOU!! I really do look at the scores and thoughts all the time to help with music. And if you haven’t yet, you know you want to sign-up 😀

Thanks so much and feel free to check back with this Heard-On-Air section to see some of the new songs that added because of YOU! –Nikki


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