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Blog, Pic, and a Smile

Posted on October 22, 2020
By Mike Harper

Our staff was recently offered autographed David Crowder albums. My immediate response? “Sure!” One co-worker declined. “No, thanks. I’m trying to get rid of stuff.”

“Get rid of stuff.” Wow! What a concept!

Got any stuff? Probably more than you know. We only get a glimpse of our massive accumulations when we move to a new home. To inventory, pack, and transport every worldly good we own is a daunting, logistical nightmare.

After decades of acquiring far more things than I’ve thrown away, I’ve got enough t-shirts, posters, coffee cups, and tech toys to supply Canton for a year of First Mondays.

What is this obsession with stuff? Upon painful introspection, it starts with our obsession with ourselves. And stuff pleases us, at least for now. One version of 1 John 2 says “pride in possessions is not from the Father.”


Could it be our calling to love God and love others starts with de-cluttering?


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