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Me First

Someone recently called me vain. My response? “I’m not vain, I’m very humble. In fact, I’m probably the most humble person you know. Nobody’s more humble than me. I’m very proud of my humility.” Another told me I was “tight” with money. I know there’s some truth...

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Got Wisdom?

There are plenty of problems. You know the big ones. Whatever solutions we can offer, any approach that doesn’t start with seeking God’s wisdom will be temporary if not a failure. We can also point to many people we feel aren’t seeking said wisdom. This wisdom is...

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The Critic

I want to be less sensitive to criticism. Oh, it’s coming. I can’t avoid it. I’ll try to do right, but I’ll forget something. I’ll overlook someone. I’ll make an ill-advised joke. Maybe I’ll simply be misunderstood. Whatever transpires has critique potential. As I...

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Got a place to live, plenty to eat, and people who love you? Maybe you wish you had a nicer place, an unlimited diet, or that person hadn’t hurt you. For now, turn your thoughts away from that. Right now. Do it. Did you do it? There are so many reasons to be...