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Come Together

Right now. I heard a guy bemoaning the divisive culture we live in, claiming we all have so much more in common than we give ourselves credit for. Agreed. He went on to lament how one side insults the other, many are too thin-skinned, and people today have lost the...

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Look! Your Faith is Showing! Consumed by problems? Where are you looking? If you’re looking at the problem, your faith will reflect it. If you pause, regroup, and put your eyes on your creator who loves you, you get a whole new look! Give it a minute. It’ll come....

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Do your blessings overflow? Most of us would say yes. He blesses our efforts, and sometimes gifts just seem to land in our lap. “Blessing upon blessing” almost becomes the norm. Unknowingly, we get kind of used to it. Careful. Blessed? Keep thanking God, seeking...

Mornings with Mike & CarrieOn-Air Blogs


“Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach. I feel it in the air, summer’s out of reach.” The popular 1984 Don Henley song "Boys of Summer" tells of the end of a season and the end of a relationship, not without its share of regrets. Labor Day signals the unofficial...