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“I’m so busy!”

We know God’s word provides peace, wisdom, and comfort. We know we can go there anytime. What we don’t know is why we let so much time go by not turning there for the answers we need! “I’m so busy!” If it’s a question of “I don’t have time,” allow me to recommend...

Mornings with Mike & CarrieOn-Air Blogs

Just Show Up

My grandparents were great. I never knew what they did or how they did it. They were just there…a lot. And Granny and Gramps thought I was awesome. I know because they often told me.   Who’d have thought I’d eventually be them?   Grandparenting is easy if...

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Maskless Hugs

Joy and Bri had a mommy-daughter date at their favorite coffee shop. Trying to encourage a little independence, Joy wasn’t holding Bri’s hand and was about four steps ahead of her little one.   She glanced back to check on her and she had already run into the...

Mornings with Mike & CarrieOn-Air Blogs

Do it Again!

Ever feel like you’re losing your joy? Here’s where to find it: It’s in your innocence. When we were kids, we were carefree! As we grew up, we got discouraged, disappointed, and less joyful. Our past hurts slowly affected our thinking, making us tired and...

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