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Fixing a Hole

“I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering where it will go.” Lennon/McCartney I’ve been thinking… There’s a hole in my heart that only God can fill. I’ve heard it a million times. The trick is, while I’ve asked Him into my life, and...

Mornings with Mike & CarrieOn-Air Blogs

Stand-Up Guy

Imagine a huge clothing store for women. Lois was excited. I was supportive. They had this cool mirror that made me look taller! I got… distracted. Suddenly she’s gone. Vanished! I don’t dare search. I could get sucked into some lingerie area and die of...

Mornings with Mike & CarrieOn-Air Blogs

Struggling Sinners

A guy actually told me, “Jesus is overrated.” Hard to imagine, but he went on. “He’s a tool used to manipulate others and make money.” There are plenty of reasons he might feel that way. Possibly a bad experience with Christians? Sometimes we’re bad examples. We...

Mornings with Mike & CarrieOn-Air Blogs

A Tree Side Hug

Here’s something you may take for granted. I know I did. I’m walking through the neighborhood. I’m driving down the road. Everywhere I look. Suddenly I noticed, there was something all around me, all the time, and it’s always been there. Trees. Stay with me on...

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