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“You Need a Taller Wife” (Not)

Posted on May 22, 2023
By Mike Harper

A study of couples assembling IKEA furniture sought to find if their relationship would falter.
Indeed, the task could put even the best relationships to the test.

Enter the Harper DIY Gazebo.

The kit contains hundreds of pieces with nothing more than a picture manual, Allen wrench, and my lack of proficiency. Hello discouragement.

Lois, the eternal optimist, consistently offers productive ideas and encouragement. “You’re fine.”

One maneuver had me on a step-ladder, Lois handing me bolts. Straining for a high rung, she joked, “You need a taller wife.”

Hilarious words coming from one’s wife!

Many are the virtues one might look for in a spouse. Somewhere waaay down the list is “height.” My lovely life-partner’s qualities far outweigh her “vertical challenge.”

Truth? She needs a more grateful husband!

Prov 31 – A good wife who can find?


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