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Speak Life

Recently my daughter-in-law was challenged by her sister during a time of grieving the loss of their dad. “Speak life.” It tested me, too. Especially during difficulties, it’s easy to see the bad and fall into self-pity.  Lean into God’s word for an “attitude...

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Be Jesus’ Face

We’ve all heard “Be the hands and feet of Jesus.” Doing His work for His name’s sake. It’s almost cliché, but nonetheless important. But it occurs to me we could also be Jesus’ other body parts. What about His eyes and ears? Watching for opportunities to shine His...

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Me First

Someone recently called me vain. My response? “I’m not vain, I’m very humble. In fact, I’m probably the most humble person you know. Nobody’s more humble than me. I’m very proud of my humility.” Another told me I was “tight” with money. I know there’s some truth...