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Bring the Fever Down Naturally

Posted on January 9, 2014
By Nikki Martinez




If you’re not calling into work for being sick, you’re probably taking the time off to take care of your sick little one. Honestly, you’re not alone in this fight against the flu! And with any good fight, the right weapons can make things end quicker than the opponent might like, but that makes you a happy camper (and your child). Mother and writer Mary Fischer asked a few doctors (and from her own experiences) ways to bring that cold-induced fever down in the best way possible: quick, and natural of course. But be advised, if you KNOW medical attention is needed, Get It!!


  • Dress him/her lightly — Your child’s body needs to cool down, so take off a layer or two to move the process along.
  • Encourage liquids — This can be tricky especially if they have an upset tummy, but even giving a teaspoon of water every few minutes will help.
  • Lukewarm bath — It’s amazing how well this one works … believe me, I’ve tried it. Put your toddler in a lukewarm bath for a few minutes. The thermometer reading should go down immediately afterward.
  • Cold compresses — Placing cool washcloths on the forehead, wrist, and groin, where blood vessels are close to the skin’s surface, will help with cooling.
  • Sponge bath — If you don’t want to put your child in the tub, try a lukewarm sponge bath instead to help lower the fever.
  • Offer ice cubes — If your toddler won’t drink, try giving him an ice cube or ice chips to suck on. It will help get some fluids into him to prevent dehydration and will also help to cool him.


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