“Time goes by fast” they say. I think it’s easier to stop and remind others about that fact than to actually stop and think about this concept in our own lives…until something actually makes you realize it.

To think that about 7 months ago a life started forming in me that was an utter surprise (after health issues The Hubby Nathan and I had been having). And when you say that number out loud, 7 Months, it really has made me stop and go “That whole time thing really DOES go by fast!” What solidifies it even more is when you see these moments captured within pictures, preserved in “the cloud,” “Thank Yous” you send out, and really neat canvas collages your family make for you (got one a week ago)!

You don’t have to be expecting a child to have this realization in life though! But when the light-bulb does go off for you, what do you DO about it? Does it have any impact on the next days of your life to come? What about the kind of life you’re living right now?

In Ephesians, there’s this great reminder for us all about how we should be living our lives, especially if we call ourselves Christians. All of Chapter 5 is calling us to walk in love, but the verse that has always stuck out to me is 15:

“Look carefully than how you walk, not as unwise but as wise.” (Eph. 5:15, ESV)


Whether you’re a student, a soon-to-be-parent, a grandfather, or someone else, each day we live is a chance to make wise choices…so are you? The Hubby Nathan and I know that each day leading up to Little Lady Isabella’s arrival is a precious one, and everyday she’ll be here is even more precious. Our hope is that we never forget that for each other, and that’s my hope for YOU!


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