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Cell Phone Addiction

Posted on November 17, 2015
By Mike Harper
Addicted to Our Cell Phones Heard On Air Blog

No one likes to see others on their cell phones. But the truth is, we’re ALL on our devices! None of us thinks we have a problem with it. No, that’s the OTHER people!

Despite its downfalls, let’s remember there are a lot of good things we can do with our phones! We’re not all just “fiddlin’ on our phones”! We could be checking an appointment, returning a text to our spouse, or even reading the Bible! We could be giving to the poor, or evangelizing the nations!!! But it doesn’t matter. If we’re doing it on our phones, it’s “Quit lookin’ at your phone!”

Let’s all check our own phone habits before we check others’ habits.

Turn away for just a minute. I want to look up a verse on that…


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