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Children are a Blessing from the Lord

Posted on May 10, 2017
By Fletcher Jonson
89.5 KVNE East Texas Christian Radio Children are a Blessing Heard On Air Blog
Mike Harper
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Children are a blessing from the Lord, whether they want to be or not.

We dedicated our 11-month-old granddaughter Elliott Sinclaire Harper to the Lord this week. It was a short but touching service where families bring their children to be prayed for, then vow to bring them up in a Christian home.89.5 KVNE East Texas Christian Radio Children are a Blessing Heard On Air Blog

It was a lovely ceremony with about a dozen families assembled. A pastor was assigned to each family to pray for their child. Everybody was blessed by the service. Everybody, of course, but our own Elliott Sinclaire. While many prayed, and others wept tears of joy, Elliott shrieked.

We have it on video. The church recorded the proceedings on live stream, and it’s all been documented. Around minute 7 of the pastor’s sermonette, there is a scream that would make you think someone was hurt, terrified, or filled with the Holy Ghost.

It was none of the above. It was the scream of a baby who hadn’t had her nap.

The pastoral staff was more than gracious. The prayers were prayed (despite the shrill objection of the aforementioned), hugs were exchanged, and the dedication was made. We all got a good laugh afterward, and a story we’ll never forget.

What a blessing to be a part of this special day. And what a set of lungs! She definitely stole the show. That’s my girl!

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