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Corona Era Kids in 2020

Posted on March 23, 2020
By Mike Harper

Kids in the 50s had the scare of nuclear holocaust. In the 60s we worried about political assassinations, riots, and getting drafted to Viet Nam.

The 70s had their share of issues, too. Acid rain, the Ayatollah, disco, you name it.

The 80s had the threat of aids, the 90s endured Y2K, and the 00s lived through the aftermath of 9-11. (I don’t know what 10s kids had to deal with. I’m sure they could tell you.)

But 20s kids may hold the record. School has been canceled, graduations postponed, weddings delayed. And then there’s the fear of the unknown. They’ll never forget the 2019-2020 school year.

The church won’t forget it either. Pastors and staffs are winging their way through uncharted waters. They’re trying to balance precautionary wisdom and exemplary faith.

In fact, we’re all balancing our heads and our hearts. The news seems to go from bad to worse every day. We want to be informed, but not at the expense of trusting the One who’s in control.

We’ve been taught to believe in God. We’ve proclaimed faith over fear. It’s arguable now, more than ever, we’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime to practice what we’ve preached.

But isn’t that the point? Here we have a savior, provider, and friend who sticks closer than a brother. We have the Author of life at our side at the mere mention of his name. And he’s not leaving!

2020 kids are growing up in unprecedented times. They need assurance. We can’t teach from specific experience, so it’s crucial they see examples of what true dependence on God looks like.
Looks like the perfect opportunity to put our faith into action.
For the kids.


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