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Deeply Rooted in Christ

Posted on February 28, 2017
By Fletcher Jonson
89.5 KVNE East Texas Christian Radio Deeply Rooted in Christ Heard On Air Blog
Susan O’Donnell
89.5 KVNE Afternoons

One hundred, maybe 150 Springs, Summers, Falls and Winters… no one is absolutely sure how many this magnificent old oak tree has seen. Obviously, more than you and I have.

This fantastic oak tree stands over the KVNE/KGLY studios, changing with every season, with every climate.89.5 KVNE East Texas Christian Radio Deeply Rooted in Christ Heard On Air Blog

Before the land was leveled and the building begun, KVNE/KGLY determined that the tree was something worth keeping. Roots were fed, limbs were trimmed, and efforts were made to be sure “she” could endure the months of construction that would take place under her boughs because her roots had been made even stronger. She not only survived, she thrived as the roots absorbed the vitamins, food, and care to stay strong.

Oh, she is changed, and every season she becomes again. A new cedar swing hangs in her shade now. It moves with the branches and encourages those who would to come sit with her, to linger and rock with the tree as breezes play in the leaves.

She has endured storms, winters of ice and snow, summers that withheld the thirst quenching rain all the while becoming, growing, and ever changing to thrive in the new and sometimes difficult climate.

It is as though this tree were an image of the Church, facing new climates and constructs surrounding her. Like the tree, the Church must strengthen its roots. She must feed and protect the root that brings all of the life to the rest of the branches.

This beautiful tree only survives because its roots are sunken deep into what gives it life, what feeds it, and what makes it strong. Not only is it able to endure, it’s able to grow into even more of what it was intended to be.

The Church has strong roots deeply planted in the biblical truth of who Jesus is and who God says He is. It is the life-giving soil the roots of the Church are buried in.

Try to uproot the tree, to ignore what and how its roots are planted, and it will not be able to survive. First, the leaves and branches, then the very heart of the tree will wither and die. While her leaves, branches, and trunk adapt and change to the environment, She (her roots), must stay strong and deep. So goes the Church.

What are some aspects of life that give you the chance to draw closer to God? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know by commenting below!

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