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Do it Again!

Posted on March 17, 2021
By Mike Harper

Ever feel like you’re losing your joy? Here’s where to find it:

It’s in your innocence.

When we were kids, we were carefree! As we grew up, we got discouraged, disappointed, and less joyful. Our past hurts slowly affected our thinking, making us tired and susceptible to cynicism.

When you play with your kids, they say “Do it again! Do it again!” After the twelfth “spin me around,” you’re ready to sit down. Not them. “Do it again!” They never lose their sense of wonder, innocence, and childlike joy.

Maybe we could learn from our kids. Childlike innocence repels a hard heart and attracts joy!

Perhaps God shares that joyful, childlike sense of wonder. Every single day, without fail, He makes another gorgeous sunrise and sunset. And after doing it a billion times, He never tires of making yet another beautiful daisy.

Whether it’s creating beauty on the earth or healing hearts in people, His perfect grace, love, and joy never end. He still experiences joy from blessing us every day!

He’ll “do it again!”


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