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Kids: $35 Weekly Allowance?

Posted on February 1, 2016
By Mike Harper

Did you get an allowance as a kid? How much? $5 a week? $10? What was your responsibility in the arrangement?

$35 Weekly Allowance?

$35 Weekly Allowance?

A survey found the average child is getting $35 from their parents on a weekly basis.

There are hundreds of reasons why, when and how much to give a child for an allowance, but one thing seems certain: the average child is earning more now than a few years ago.

The same survey found the average allowance has gone up $8 a week, from $27 a week in 2014.

Although it’s also worth noting fewer parents are giving their kid an allowance – 79 percent of parents say their child gets an allowance, down from 83 percent the previous year.



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