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Does “E” Really Mean Empty?

Posted on August 15, 2017
By Carrie Parsons
89.5 KVNE East Texas Christian Radio Does E Really Mean Empty Heard On Air Blog
Carrie Parsons
89.5 KVNE Mornings

The other day I was driving from Longview to Tyler and my car was nearly on empty. 89.5 KVNE East Texas Christian Radio Heard On Air Blog Fuel ChartThe little yellow light came on and said I had zero miles left. So, of course I panic a little, stay in the right lane, and look for an exit with a gas station! The whole time I was beating up myself for procrastinating once again.

So when it says it’s zero, is it really? Thanks to this handy chart you can know how many miles you can drive on an empty tank, and hopefully not get stranded.

I’m putting a copy of this in my car. 😉


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