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Evening Show Recap – June 17th

Posted on June 17, 2014
By Nikki Martinez

pea soupHappy Eat Your Vegetables Day!! Not yanking your chain–this is actually a holiday. And what better way to celebrate then to point out what veggies you NEVER want to eat again. Everything from okra, to kale, and quite a few of beet-dislikers filled the Facebook page, probably trying to figure out ways to avoid the vegetables as much as possible.

For myself, not a fan of the radishes or beets – everything else is fair game in my tummy! And if served in a bread bowl…even better!

Yes, we talked Vegetables, but a few more things on tonight’s show:


~Tomorrow is National Garbage Man (and Woman) Day! Think about leaving a THANK YOU note on the trash can, or offer them a plate of cookies and water! You can also email them HERE


~It ran for quite awhile, but as of a few days ago, the GoBus is no longer making rounds in Gladewater, Clarksville City and White Oak. The main reason is that they’ve become “too big,” so the cities aren’t eligible anymore for the rural transportation system.


~2 24-Karat Gold Chips?!?! Doritos has decided to make things a little more interesting when buying one of their new Jacked Bold Mystery Flavor bags of chips. 3000 of their bags will have a piece of paper in them, telling the customer they’ve picked-up a Gold Plated Chip. 2 of those 3000 get the solid gold one! Willy Wonka would be proud with this!


~It’s the simple answer to sometimes a difficult question: what makes a Happy Marriage? Yes, God in the center of the marriage is HUGE, but besides that, research shows…Kindness! Love on your spouse, encourage them, keep away hurtful words – be KIND!


~For students in East TX who’ve really been thinking about getting into nursing school, it may be a little easier for you now. The Roadmap to Success Program launched today, transitioning students from Kilgore College to a bachelor’s degree in nursing at UT Tyler’s Longview University Center. 


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