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Evening Show Recap – June 18th

Posted on June 18, 2014
By Nikki Martinez

It’s a wrap-up tonight that’s sure to make you re-examine and maybe re-tool some things in life (hello sitting could lead to cancer…)


  • You’ve realized that your son’s blood pressure has been really high lately. But he’s only 14 years old!! Okay, how many caffeinated drinks is he having a week? If he’s been drinking anywhere from a full can of soda, a whole energy drink, or a cup of coffee a day, THIS is why his blood pressure is high. His heart rate could increase to dangerous levels as well. A sip here or there of the stuff, it’s ok. Everyday – not a good idea for guys 17 and younger


  • Keeping you safe and your loved ones safe, one app at a time. UT Tyler students can use a new app where they can create a Personal Guardian Network made up of friends, roommates, family and UT Tyler campus police. Once they open the app and start the safety timer, if they don’t make it to their destination by the end of the timer, an alert is sent to their Guardian Network.


  • Breaks are essential during that 8 hour sitting-fest at your job. Sitting at the desk for hours on end increases the risk of colon cancer in men and endometrial cancer in women. I think I’ll be pricing out treadmill desks soon!!


  • It’s still being worked on – Old Jacksonville Hwy’s southbound lanes between Three Lakes Parkway and Grande Blvd in Tyler. The construction is going on from 7am-4pm until Friday (they believe).


  • You may have missed it today, but it’ll be back tomorrow! Good Shepherd Medical Center will be doing free prostate screening from 8-10am on Thursday at the Institute of Healthy Living in Longview



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