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Ever Seen A Miracle

Posted on July 25, 2022
By Mike Harper
I know of a man on his death bed who begged God for healing. He was spared, even given 15 more years. He was shown mercy, yet sadly, still struggled with pride. He continued to value self-sufficiency, people, and things over God, and his legacy suffered for it.

Pride is tricky. It can sneak in by simply forgetting about God. We can’t think about God constantly, but surely we can consider Him often more than we do.

Make a habit of checking in. Never hesitate to ask Him for help. In everything from the seemingly insignificant to the most dire circumstance, He’s willing and able. He just may change the course of your life if you’ll honor Him. And every time you pray, you honor Him.

Thank Him for sparing your life even today. Recognize how He can bring good from even your most bitter experience.

Remember: Miracles are often found in hindsight.


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