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Faith Can Start Small

Posted on October 17, 2018
By Fletcher Jonson
Susan O’Donnell
89.5 KVNE Evenings

I have a friend who loves to collect acorns. In the drink holder of her car are about five perfect acorns complete with the little “hats” they wear. They aren’t very large, maybe the size of about a gum ball.

They aren’t heavy, nor do they seem to be something that will grow to be a large acorn. Yet, as I held one of them in my hand I realized that someday this small brown acorn was intended to grow into a huge oak tree.

Faith is so much like an acorn.

It doesn’t have to have some big, amazing, miraculous beginning. It begins small, then as it is fed and watered by the Spirit it begins to grow. Sooner than we would expect our small acorn of faith begins to spread and reach for the sky and becomes what it was always meant to be.

If the small acorn began to feel that it is not enough because it is so small, it would never achieve what God intended for it. But it had to be patient while God grew it through storms, snows, winds and long summers!

God, help us to trust that our small start of faith will by your hand and heart become a strong tree of faith.

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