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Fall PraiseShare 2015

Posted on October 28, 2015
By Fletcher Jonson


Whenever the PraiseShare countdown begins, there’s typically one reaction: minor panic. We often joke that we don’t “like” PraiseShare, but we all know that’s not true. There are only two times each year when we have the pleasure of being around listeners who love this ministry enough to take days off work, use vacation days, and spend hours upon hours around our wacky staff, who eventually become zombie-like by the end of the two weeks.

The bottom line is that PraiseShare is special. It’s a joyous two weeks filled with food, fun, fellowship, more food, laughter, more food, and oh yeah, food.

Seriously, though, it’s incredible to see God in action. His blessings upon this ministry are abundant and apparent. What’s truly remarkable, even life-changing, is how He orchestrates each and every volunteer and staff member to impact each other in ways we don’t and can’t understand. PraiseShare means just that. We share praise with each other, not only because of what God has done and is doing, but because of what He has promised for us. We share praise simply because He is worthy.


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