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Father’s Day

Posted on June 21, 2021
By Mike Harper

Another Father’s Day. I’m glad somebody came up with the idea 111 years ago. It’s nice when people wish you a happy one. It’s fun to celebrate with family. It’s fun to give and get gifts!

On Father’s Day, like other holidays, it’s easy to get your expectations up, then get disappointed. It’s also easy to compare yourself to other dads and wonder where you went wrong. You might even let the imperfect world and your imperfect circumstances get you down on your big day.

Don’t do that.

Maybe your dad is gone. Regardless of how you remember him, honor his memory. Maybe he wasn’t great. Great is relative. No one is “great.” God’s the only great one because He gives grace to the “un-great.” Did I just make up a word?

Dad, maybe your kids don’t honor you like you hope. Again, there’s God’s grace showing up as our example of how we are to love regardless of whether we are shown love back.

It’s good we have a day to say “Dad, I love you and I appreciate you.” We should do that. It’s good for you. It’s good for him, too. It’s also biblical. It’s so biblical it’s in God’s “Top 10.” “Honor your father and mother…” Hmmm… Notice how He mentions dads first?

Now, I hope you had a happy Father’s Day!

“Honor your father…” (Exodus 20:12a)


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