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Posted on April 20, 2016
By Nikki Martinez

Her name was Emma – 15 years old with a caring heart and, as her mother described, “was generous and I am not even sure she realized it, it is just a part of who she was.”

See, I was looking through one of my favorite Coupon and Savings Blogs, passionforsavings.com, and instead of the usual posts about free toothpaste or great deals on food, the author posted about a girl named Emma, whose parents also had a blog and were online buddies with this author. Well, last August, Emma’s life was taken in a horrible accident, but her parents wanted her giving spirit to live on. To commemorate Emma’s birthday week, the family is encouraging everyone to go out and do something for someone else, and if you post a picture, hashtag it #ForOurEmma. If you want more of the story, click HERE


So go out, be kind, help someone who needs it, get out of your comfort zone. Who knows what impact you could leave on this planet just as 15 year old Emma did! – Nikki, 89.5 KVNE Middays


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