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Posted on April 4, 2017
By Fletcher Jonson
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As a part of my daily routine at KVNE, I spend time looking at articles and photos from the Washington Post.

There, in a series of pictures from a war-torn area of Afghanistan, was a photo of a colorful kite flying above the ruins.

I was struck first by the contrast of the brightly colored kite floating in the blue sky above the blackened ruins. The little kite was so beautiful.

I looked at that brightly colored little kite like the spirit of the people in that land, a spirit that was soaring above the brokenness of their situation below. It had risen above the ruins of the battles fought there and flew with abandon and joy in a breezy, bright blue sky that gave not a hint of the darkness below.

Which of us has not faced dark battles in our life, and wanted to soar (like the little kite) above them? We wanted to have joy again, to have love and life again.

That’s when still another thought struck me…

What about the person flying that kite?  Obviously, someone had chosen to fly that kite.  Someone had tied the string to its tail and launched it into the breeze so it could feel the power of flight, so that little kite could rise above the ruins.  Someone was encouraging that kite to fly – to victoriously fly over what was in ruins.

I know there are so many struggling with the battles of life. Some of us living among the ruins of decisions we’ve made, or that others have made, leaving us feeling broken and defeated.

With that little brightly colored kite in flight playing through my mind, I ask God to make me one who launches other’s spirits, like that person at the other end of the kite’s string.

I want to lift spirits by reminding you of God’s love and peace…of the joy of knowing that God loves you deeply and is working to make your life better.

Go fly a kite! Become one who will encourage the spirit of war weary hearts to feel the strength of peace and grace and mercy; to encourage them to fly in the fresh breeze of God’s promise. When you see that bright kite flying free over the ruins, don’t you want to be the one holding the string and giving hope?

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