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Grandfathering Isn’t for Wimps

Posted on July 31, 2018
By Mike Harper
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Mike Harper
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I’m nowhere near an expert…yet. But after five years of being “Pops,” I’ve learned enough to offer a few tips on what it takes to be “Grandpa,” “PawPaw, or whatever moniker you’ve chosen as family patriarch.

If you’re going to be a grandfather one day, you’ll want to stay in shape. There are significant physical demands, not the least of which are day-long excursions to the likes of Six Flags, the zoo, and Splash Kingdom.

At first glance this may not sound daunting, but we must remember: We’re not in our 30s anymore. It’s entirely different now.

These are not easy venues to conquer, but in fact quite taxing. You’ll be expected to carry the heavy stuff -lots of it – for long distances. Large bags, for example, coolers, backpacks, the baby.

Somebody forgot their sunglasses once you’ve entered the park? You are officially deputized as “Official Gopher” to trek the quarter mile back to the car to fetch them.

You must have the stamina and grit to withstand the perils of the “Big Slide.” No, you actually must be able to withstand the STEPS up to the Big Slide. Don’t be fooled. These kids make it look easy. And to add insult to injury, they look smug about it.

Pops and his second grandchild, Parker

And, of course, never forget your role as “Horsey.” This child is barely three feet tall. How heavy can he or she be? Not very, unless said offspring is on the small of your back bouncing up and down, kicking your kidneys to “giddyup”!

Be advised. You have been warned. This grandpa thing is not for the weak or idle. You must dig deep. If you need motivation, look no farther than your granddaughter’s eyes. The payoff? Eternal dividends.

Now: You must get up. You must go. And, above all else, you must, “Bring. The. Fun.”

You can do this! They’re all counting on you.

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