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Grandparents Know

Posted on December 7, 2020
By Mike Harper

Got kids? You know. What a life-changer! Your love levels skyrocketed! Plans changed, schedules changed, you changed!


You strive to be the best parent you can be. You’re fighting daily battles of discipline, emotional highs and lows of school/activities, guiding relationships.


You never loved anyone more.


Your kids grew. Slowly you learned to let go. Months grew to years. You watched them suffer their own mistakes, and celebrate their own victories. Your sense of pride defies definition!


Then your kids had kids. Wow. Your brain exploded!


Life experiences flash back! Floods of memories overwhelm. And you continue to let your grown kids make their own decisions. (You DO that, right?)


You’re available. You’re a willing resource, ready to offer assistance/counsel when asked. But you’re not always asked. It’s for the best.


You’re learning patience. Long-suffering. Self-control. But the payoff is exponential! That grandbaby is your passion. Your legacy. He/she may even have your eyes!


Age brings wisdom, perspective, and hope. You know what your young family is going through. You know the fights and the joys.


So, for answers to life’s tough questions, certainly search the scriptures. Pray. Seek Godly counsel from experienced people, maybe someone with a track record of wins and losses.


Maybe start with a grandparent.


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