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“My hands are too full of the past to have what the future holds”

Posted on January 19, 2016
By Fletcher Jonson

I was talking with a friend of mine today as she was thinking about her past.  She talked about a job where she did everything she could to hang on to that job even though it was not a good place to work. It wasn’t healthy emotionally or spiritually for her, but she hung on with all of her might even as it slowly began to sap all of her strength and spirit.  Now, she’s no longer in that job and has found a new one that is feeding into her a renewed joy and life that she’d  forgotten could exist for her.  She nearly missed it because she hung on to the past for so long.

Her story made me think about how often we all do that.  We hold on to the past with sweaty desperate hands.  But, because our hands are so strongly clenched around what isn’t good for us – we can’t possible reach out for the good that God has for us in the future.   Ask yourself, “are my hands too full of the past to have what my future holds?”

holding the rope

Paul in Philippians 4  reminds us that we have to let go of the past to strain toward the goal of Christ.  Is it time for you to let go of the past you’ve been hanging on to for too long and for too tight?  Empty your hands so God can fill up your life with all of the good He has promised!

I’m looking at my own hands and  opening them to what God wants me to hold dear instead of my holding onto my fear.  I’m letting go of what was and would not be…believing I’ll have what God promised to me. If you need help letting go, need prayers to help you reach out for the future God has for you click Prayer Works right here on the KVNE site … we’ll be praying with you!

Remember, you are loved!

Susan O’Donnell



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