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You Hear that New Music?

Posted on June 13, 2018
By Nikki Martinez
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Nikki Martinez
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To accompany the heat of the summer coming our way, these 3 new ones should keep the days energized and the evenings feeling breezy. And yes, they were voted on by listeners just like YOU through our Music Crew. You can sign up!

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Aaron Cole, “One More Day”

After introducing you to Aaron with his first track “Right On Time,” it seemed you liked him, you really liked him! This is the 2nd song off his first ever EP, “Virginia Boy,” which just came out in May through Gotee Records (the same people who gave you Hollyn, Finding Favour, and the man below, Ryan Stevenson).

Ryan Stevenson ft. Bart Millard, “No Matter What”

Label-mate to Aaron, Ryan once again comes out with a song that’s got a powerful message, with a style that makes you sway in the summer evenings. And joining Ryan on the track is the powerful vocals of MercyMe’s Bart Millard, which just show the true artistic talent these 2 guys have! Here’s an acoustic version of the song on a show in Nashville.

Skillet, “Brave”

For all the “Panheads” (fans of Skillet…get it…PANheads…) you may be thinking you have the wrong radio station. Nope! You’ve spoken through your votes Online, and so we had to add the latest from this band that’s been putting out music for a little over 20 years! Right up there with their other song we added last year, “Stars,” this song is such a well-rounded reminder of how our strength, our courage, can never be found by ourselves, but with the one who gives AMAZING power and strength – God! Enjoy the lyric video

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