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Did You Hear That New Song?!

Posted on June 16, 2017
By Nikki Martinez
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Nikki Martinez
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Yep, it’s that time where we roll out some new songs for your ears to be excited about. One of them isn’t as new as you’d think (you’ve probably only heard it on Sunday Mornings), 2 are from new(er) artists, and one is probably going to be a new tear-jerker for you!


Meredith Andrews, “Spirit of the Living God”

About a month ago we added this track to our Sunday morning Shouts of Praise show, and from your responses and love of it, we HAD to add it to our regular music rotation! Originally performed by Vertical Church Band, Meredith couldn’t help but put it on her solo album because of the meaning and message that she loved so much…and how she loved to sing on Sunday mornings WITH Vertical Church Band (yes, she helps lead worship with the band any Sunday her family is in town). She’ll be heading on the road in July on the Summer Lights tour, but until then she’s enjoying the fam and writing music with her husband and artists like Kari Jobe!


Zach Williams, “Old Church Choir”

Some already have gotten to love the Southern Soul-filled sound of new artist Zach Williams with his debut song “Chain Breaker.” Well get ready to love his sound and message even more with this second song of his! If you’re not finding him busy writing or recording new music, this family man is certainly spending time with his wife and kids in Arkansas with whatever fun they can get into!


Hollyn, “Can’t Live Without”

As another one of TobyMac and Crew’s finds at Gotee Records, you can certainly find this young artist coming up with some killer beats to some very thought-provoking lyrics, and that is the case with this second smash following “Alone.” She’s currently on the Live Original tour with the one and only Sadie Robertson, sharing the amazing message of Christ with teens and young adults everywhere! But if not on the road, this girl loves spending time with her family, which, as she posted on Instagram lately, “my favorites. my backbone. my sturdy foundation. the reason i can walk in peace and do what i love…”


Casting Crowns, “Oh My Soul”

Get ready to be hit hard with some major feelings with this latest song from Casting Crowns! Always writing from a place of passion and true hurts and struggles the band have seen in their own lives and the lives of the students they still work with, it certainly shows with this song. they recently had the chance to perform this song and others overseas in Europe, but now are back and playing the summer festivals throughout the US!


What new songs are you wanting us to take a listen to? Which songs can you NOT get enough of that we’re playing? Let us know your thoughts in the “Comments” section below! 🙂

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