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Heart-Hitting New Music

Posted on February 6, 2019
By Nikki Martinez
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I don’t know about you, but sometimes songs will just make me cry. Not that they’re horribly sad or bring on a funk. A lot of times, the message is such a powerful one, that I can’t help but get choked-up. And the thing is, that’s NOT a bad thing! God created everything, including music, and I feel He uses it at times to speak through and to us. I’m saying this because, just to warn you, these new 3 may hit you in a way you weren’t expecting. So get ready to learn a little more about the New Songs for this week.

Crowder, “Red Letters”

Even though Crowder is known for his humor, his playfulness through Kenny Rodgers (his stuffed arctic fox that goes on tour with the crew) and his backwoods ruggedness (definitely displayed in his epic beard and trucker hat collection), Crowder also is DEEP. And that is felt once again in this first single off his new album, “I Know a Ghost,” that’s out right now!

Jesus Culture, “Freedom”

You may not be as familiar with the band, but you definitely know the voice in this new one from Jesus Culture – Kim Walker-Smith! She actually is one of the worship leaders of Jesus Culture, the worship team that’s part of Jesus Culture Sacramento, a church that’s been in California for the last 5 years. As described on their page, “Jesus Culture is a global movement, awakening hearts to worship and demonstrating the love and power of God.” Here’s the live recording of this new track from their latest album, “Living With a Fire”

for King & Country, “God Only Knows”

Off their newest album, “Burn the Ships,” for King & Country steps back from the upbeat fuel of “Joy” and really digs deep into the question, “Do you REALLY know the people you meet?” or even deeper… “Do others really know YOU?” For someone who’s gone through struggles of self-love and worth (and seeing family members and friends go through that too), this song is the one that hits home time and time again. For the person in your life you KNOW needs to be reminded they are loved, treasured, cared for, and seen a valuable, don’t hesitate to share this video, this song, with them!


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