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How to Remodel a Deck

Posted on June 16, 2020
By Mike Harper
  1. Pray. Hard. Ask your God-loving friends to pray, too. God wants to help you and you need Him. This is always best.
  2. Listen to your wife. She loves you and wants what’s best. She’s also smart. But even if she’s wrong, listen to your wife. This is always best.
  3. Be nice to the Lowe’s guy. You may need to go back, and he can expedite the process. (What am I saying? Of course you’ll need to go back.)
  4. Enjoy Demo Day. Tearing out an old deck? Go nuts. That dilapidated relic has been an albatross for years! Get it out of your system! The goal? Total annihilation! (Maybe that’s just me.)
  5. Measure twice, cut once. (Or is it the other way around?) No, that’s right. Take your time, plan well and do it right. Enjoy the journey!

Oh, and listen to your wife.


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