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Identity Drama

Posted on January 9, 2023
By Mike Harper

Identity Drama

One of the best parts of knowing Jesus? It doesn’t require a user name and password.

Living in the culture? Different story.

I thought I was proof of my birth, but no. I need a user name. “Mike Harper?” Wrong! Not good enough. “You need a different name. And it can’t be your email address either, Buck-o.”

“And you need a password, too. You’re going to need it to be twelve characters long. Go ahead and toss in a couple of numbers and exclamation points, too. And it can’t be an old one! What are you, crazy?”

I’m so grateful for the beauty of God’s creation, even though to operate in it sometimes requires foreboding amounts of technological tedium.

Fortunately, when we get to heaven, you are your user name, and the only password is Jesus.


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