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Posted on August 24, 2020
By Nikki Martinez

Those 2 words…maybe you used them today, maybe you use them every day. But the question I have for you is do you REALLY mean those 2 words? Or when you say “I’m doing good” or “It’s okay.”

See, those phrases, those words, they seem to roll off the tongue of most of us adults and I have a hunch as to why. It’s because we actually AREN’T okay, yet taking the time to say that or explain that would be some type of burden on the person asking. That maybe if we started to say what was really going on in our lives, the thoughts we’re struggling with, the baggage we’re carrying, that we would look like we’re weak, needy, and a mess. Well, I’m here to tell you this: we are ALL a mess!

I’m not saying that life is always going to be chaotic, crazy, and just a lot. No, you will have days that really are actually “fine,” “good,” and “okay.” But if that’s not actually your reality today, then let that person who asked you “How are you doing?” know that! They asked you that question for a reason and 99% of the time it’s NOT because it’s just a small-talk question.

  • If you’re struggling, ask for prayer.
  • If you’re hurting, ask for help through the hurt.
  • If you mentally are exhausted, find someone who can truly help that part of your health.

Did you know that 1 out of 5 people lives with a mental health illness and, honestly, that number may be going up very quickly (a huge reason being COVID-19 and social distancing).

That means if you’re not living with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, eating disorders, or others, then someone you love and care about probably is. And YES, that means even us Christians. Not saying that prayer is not powerful, because it truly is! But I’m here to tell you that God also created wonderful people with wonderful talents to care for others and they want to be your therapist, your counselor, your doctor. God also created incredibly intelligent scientists who’ve discovered medicines to help you with what you’re going through. There is hope, there is help, there are ears and hearts that want to hear how you REALLY are.

So the next time someone asks you that question, before answering, just stop. Stop and think about how you REALLY are doing, and let them know… it’s biblical:

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” – Galatians 6:2


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