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I’m a Very Good Driver

Posted on July 30, 2018
By Mike Harper
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Mike Harper
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We’re pretty good drivers. Better than most. Just ask us.

It’s easy to see the flaws in others’ road skills. They’re so lacking. And we all have our pet peeves.

  • Too slow in the fast lane
  • No signal.
  • Waving everyone on in a four way stop
  • Cutting me off
  • Texting
  • Driving a Prius — Okay, that was just one guy.

We’re lightning quick to spot their many shortcomings. After all, we know proper road behavior. But it turns out our street smarts aren’t nearly as keen when it comes to our own imperfections.

“I go with the flow.” “I’ve been driving for thirty years.” “At least I watch where I’m going.”

The same could be said of our out-of-vehicle relationships. “She’s so gossipy.” “He’s such a whiner.” “They’re so rude.”

But me?

“I’m easy going.” “I’m basically a nice person.” “After all, I’ve been through a lot.”

Yes, when it comes to the “Benefit-of-the-Doubt” award, we get the gold!

And how about the way we talk to opposing drivers? “Move or get out of the way!” “Oh, come on! Seriously?” “What an idiot!”

We’d never talk that way if they could hear us. Or would we? Either way, we’re due a spirit check.

All we can control is our own commuting behavior. As for the other halfwits, um, I mean drivers, let’s err to the side of grace, keep our eyes peeled, and think big picture.

If I’m late, is that a 10-minute problem? A half-hour problem? Longer? Most likely it won’t matter tomorrow. The point is there’s nothing we can do about these minor leaguers. They think they’re good drivers, too. Bless their hearts.

What we can do is leave a little early in case there’s traffic. Drive the speed limit. Keep a safe distance between you and your traveling neighbors. Keep your phone in your pocket. Turn on some good music. KVNE comes to mind.

Maybe one day there will be an app that allows us to control the flow of traffic. Until then, enjoy the trip. Most of all, let’s all remember what we learned in Sunday school. It applies to our family, friends, co-workers, and even the people we’ll never meet in person, but see every day on the loop.

“Love one another… As I have loved you…” — John 13:34

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