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Images May be Disturbing (Not Really)

Posted on June 1, 2020
By Mike Harper
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Why do we look when we we’re warned “Caution, some images may be disturbing to sensitive viewers.” Who wants to be disturbed?

It seems we do.

There’s something weird about us that’s drawn to look at car crashes, violence, and scary movies. I don’t get it. Psychologists say it’s our desire to have a close encounter without being directly involved or at risk.

Yet somehow the Good News of Jesus can yield the opposite effect. We’re offered direction about the very well being of our souls , and we tend have an aversion to it.

I submit this dynamic is the definition of our human character. Left to our own devices, our sin nature is drawn to harmful elements. Jesus is so counter to our intuition. He says and does crazy stuff. Everything from “the weak are made strong” to “it’s better to give than receive” to “the humbled will be exalted”.

All the more reason to get out of our own heads and train ourselves to lean His way. Ask Him to guide you in everything from the simple to the seemingly impossible.

Yes, it’s disturbing to see images of ourselves as sinful, selfish, or falling short. And while these images may be painful at first, let’s hold closely to Him and look directly at them! They are ultimately for our good as we are gradually molded into his image!


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