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It’s Always Something

Posted on November 30, 2020
By Mike Harper

It’s been said you’ve either got time or money, but rarely both.


You finally get something paid off, then another major expense hits. One season is behind you, then something else comes up. It’s one thing after another. It’s always something and we scramble to get everything done.


We get planners and calendars. We make budgets and download apps. We can schedule every minute and allocate every penny. But in the midst of it, stuff happens. We don’t live in some vacuum where nothing else comes up while we’re checking off our boxes. Life occurs, we get distracted, and we chase rabbits. We’re scattered like a six-year-old off of his Ritalin. What do we do?


”Maybe next year. It’s just been really busy lately.” Really? When is it NOT busy? Life is chaotic. Always. And God wants to meet us in the middle of it.


I can’t wait until everything is good and all my stuff is done. That’s NEVER gonna happen! Trust the One who is faithful for wisdom, direction, and provision.


What have you been putting off? Start now!


He wants to join you in the process.


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