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It’s Been 1 Year?!?!

Posted on April 15, 2014
By Nikki Martinez

While many see today as the very dreaded TAX DAY, I can’t help but feel giddy. Well, for one reason, the hubby already did our taxes for us (first time doing joint tax return, oooo). But the bigger reason is that this chica has officially been part of KVNE and KGLY for 1 Full Year!

Station fun1

Just like a kid slightly nervous and definitely excited for Christmas morning or that first day at a new school, I remember I struggled with sleep the Sunday before my first day here at the station last year. And yes, I even laid out my outfit for the next day that night (don’t judge)! That morning, I didn’t know if my stomach was making noise because it wanted food or wanted to push food far, far away. But I can tell you, once I walked in through the front doors at 2721 East Erwin St, this peace and reassurance just filled my every bone. I knew God had made this place home.



To look back at everything that’s happened this year just blows my mind, and continues to be the fuel to my fire and passion for working with this ministry! It’s been awhile since I worked with a radio station that just GETS what being the hands and feet of Jesus means. And it’s only by the grace of Christ that this job even came into my path. As Nathan knows, I searched and applied to almost 100 or more jobs when living in Northern CA, most were jobs in Cali, but many were back in my home state of the TX. This job though was NOT one of the ones I sought out — it was brought to my attention by an acquaintance I talked to, over the phone, once! After a few emails and phone calls were exchanged, I finally applied, and then the ball really got rolling. A few months and quite a few interviews later, and the job was offered. What was even more perfect: I was about to get married to my best friend in Texas, he was ready to move to TX, and so it all fell into place. And I have to say, this place, this area of TX, has been almost a daily reminder to both Nathan and I that God has bigger plans then our feeble human minds can dream of!


Station Fun2

PraiseShares, Shoe Drives, Food Drives, Valentines, Conferences, Peanut Butter, concerts, and more — this year has been a blast and a blessing! I pray that God continues to use me in this ministry, and that somehow I can bless your evenings with the love Christ shows me always.


  1. marisol

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! So glad you are part of the station.You have an excellent
    Radio voice.

    • Nikki Martinez

      Marisol, THANK YOU!! You know just how to brighten an evening with words of affirmation. So glad that you’re part of the KVNE listening family! Blessings to you and yours this Easter season 🙂

  2. valerie

    I volunteered with Praise Share this year for the first time. During my time there, I saw so many beautiful people! Even if I didn’t answer a single phone the entire time I was there, it was peaceful and wonderful knowing that I was surrounded by beautiful, loving, genuine people. Thanks to you, and everyone that works at KVNE for being the hands and feet of Christ, spreading love in ways that you don’t even know about.

    • Nikki Martinez

      Valerie, we we’re sooooo blessed to have you volunteer, even if it was during some of the slower hours. Without people like you, we wouldn’t be the ministry we are. Thank you for your encouraging words, and hope to see you next Praise Share 😀


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