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July 31st Evening Show Recap

Posted on July 31, 2013
By Nikki Martinez


Bassoon Time



Name this instrument (yes, I actually played it for 10 years):


Today is Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day, so I thought I’d bring one to your attention if you were never a band nerd like myself. It is the bassoon, and it is one crazy woodwind to play.


*Other people bringing about awareness today are those at the Texas Department of Transportation. Earlier today they launched their Drive Clean Across Texas campaign, offering you and I some gas-saving tips. Find out more right HERE


*City officials and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) want you to be aware of another telephone scam that could sound very convincing. For most people, the new healthcare bill is a crazy one to understand, but just know this: No one is receiving Federal Health Insurance Cards anytime soon. So if you get a caller wanting to give you these “cards,” all they want is your social security number!


*August is here in a matter of minutes, and with the new month comes new road work. For those who usually drive on Old Hickory Rd, between Cimmarron Trail and Old Creek Rd., the road will be closed. This hopefully won’t go longer then 2 weeks


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