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Just Show Up

Posted on April 26, 2021
By Mike Harper

My grandparents were great. I never knew what they did or how they did it. They were just there…a lot. And Granny and Gramps thought I was awesome. I know because they often told me.


Who’d have thought I’d eventually be them?


Grandparenting is easy if you just have kids and they have kids. Minor leagues. Try being in their lives. You’re in the Olympics now. You’ve got to want it. Sometimes it hurts, but there’s also joy, uncertainty, laughs, and tears. Birthdays, holidays, church, school plays, sports, and dance recitals.


I’m exhausted. But deliriously thrilled!


The cliché is “Spoil ‘em and send ‘em home!” I never liked clichés.


Sure, there’s some of that, but that cheapens it. There’s so much more. It takes time. Lots of time. Building relationships, making mistakes, investing in them, mentoring, listening. Having fun!


Just. Be. There.


In your lifetime, what, 75 years? Your grandkids AS KIDS only encompass a small fraction. Ten years? Fifteen? It’s so short. So quick.


Soak it up.


And if you know otherwise, please don’t say anything, because Owen, Parker, and Elliott also think I’m awesome.


Just like Granny and Gramps said.


“Children’s children are a crown to the aged…” Proverbs 17:6


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