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Just You and Jesus

Posted on September 21, 2020
By Mike Harper

Do you love your kids? Of course! Thankful for your family and friends? Likely. There are a million blessings we could count.

Are you so grateful you forget why?

Most of us would agree God is the giver of all good things. But our lives may not show evidence of gratitude.

Where do we most direct our time, attention, and resources? Kids demand so much it’s easy to make them our everything. Are we so involved with our busy family that God takes second place in our minds and hearts?

Our family is of utmost importance. Our church is a key component to our spiritual walk. Our job is a central element to our provision. But as critical as these life segments are, they all contain one fatal flaw.

They include people. And people fail.

We mean well, but we’re imperfect. When pressed, we’ll default to self-defense. We miscommunicate, we misunderstand. We get angry, we hurt. Injustices inevitably take place. We’re liable to put so much importance on our “good” relationships and activities, we unknowingly move God to second place.

God is perfect. Jesus is awesome. Make Him first.

Your kids are precious. Your friends are a gift. Your job is a blessing. But in the end, all of it passes away.


And it’s just you and Jesus.


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