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Keep It Clean Kids!

Posted on September 11, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

Messes happen, as many have seen what can happen if a napkin isn’t used when eating anything with dressing or condiments on them. Some of the worst offenders of mess…KIDS!! Okay, maybe not all  kids, but a good majority of messes can come out of a busy little 7 year old. And honestly, that is perfectly okay, as long as they know how to clean it all up!

Rain rain

Ponchos Anyone?

With summer starting to come to a close, the kids may want to head outside a few more times to jump in the pool or get a little wet. One such activity that can get a little out-of-hand: Water Balloons! Without cringing at the thought of them, let your shoulders relax and take in a few tips from bloggers Deborah Cruz and Ann Saylor on how to keep those balloons full of pure childlike joy from getting a uncomfortable quick


Make forts.

Designate two team captains.

Pre-fill loads of water balloons.

Hide secret stashes of water-filled balloons around the premises.

Have cool prizes for best sportsmanship, most wet, and best attitude (so the less athletic kids can still feel like winners).

Absolutely, under no circumstances, will multiple kids ganging up on one kid be tolerated and will result in an automatic eviction from the fun.

Keep water balloon fight participants within a three-year age range, so big kids are not pummeling little kids.

Limit the amount of children allowed to play at any given time.

No water bombing of spectators or people who have not agreed to play (like grandparents or babies).

Absolutely no blows to the face allowed.



Water balloon volleyball: catching water balloons in the belly of tshirts

Water balloon egg relays: trying to balance small water balloons in soup spoons as you speedwalk to tag your teammate.

Capture the Flag: with water balloons, sending opponents to the freeze box when they are tagged with a water balloon.

Pass the water balloon relays: trying to ‘hand off’ water balloons to your partner by holding the balloons under your chin (you can’t touch the balloons with your hands) and passing it to your partner who will receive the balloon under his chin.

Hot Potato with water balloons:  gently toss the balloon around the circle.  If the balloon pops, the passer/receiver are out.  Continue eliminating players ’til you have a winner.

Water balloon slingshots: put water balloons in slingshots and see how far they fly (this is a favorite from my husband’s brothers)



The Water Balloon Clean-Up Game:  give each child a bucket and send them on a race to collect the most balloon pieces.  Whoever wins gets a prize – or give popsicles to everyone who collects a good number of balloon pieces.



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