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His Laugh Takes Your Stress Away

Posted on March 3, 2017
By Nikki Martinez
Nikki Martinez
89.5 KVNE Middays

So it’s already March and the countdown is on for Nathan and me: our apartment lease is up at the end of the month and that means everything needs to be moved to our first-ever home.

But if you walked into our home last night, you may have chuckled to yourself a little bit as you saw the dust and debris from a floor being installed and a bathroom (only the guest one for now) being redone.

Nathan is doing an AWESOME job with these projects, but there’s still stress attached when a deadline is on and counting down.

So, that’s when this kid and his infectious laugh step in. Take a minute to watch and I bet you he’ll pick your spirits back up today, I know he has ours!

What makes you feel less stressed? Would love to hear your thoughts in the “Comments” section at the bottom! 🙂

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