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Like a Frog to the Flame

Posted on April 5, 2017
By Fletcher Jonson
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Recently, I was burning the brush in the back 40. As I worked, I saw a little frog hopping toward the fire. I screamed “NO!” but he continued to approach the flames. I picked him up and gently tossed him into the weeds. I’m sure he thought “What the…!” He didn’t realize I’d just saved his life.

All he saw was something in the fire he wanted. His tiny brain couldn’t compute the danger lurking ahead. If I hadn’t stepped in and tossed him aside, he would have met certain demise. The toss to the other side of the weeds was likely harrowing, and possibly painful, but it was for his own good.

So, what about us?

We might be on a path that looks perfectly safe and well-planned. It may even be God’s work! God, who loves us, might pick us up and gently, yet unexpectedly, toss us away from the peril that lies ahead, and into unfamiliar territory.

It may make absolutely no sense to us at the time, and it may cause some pain or discomfort. We may even get mad at Him.

But as difficult as it may seem at the time, we’ve got to trust that He’s got our best interest at heart. He knows when we’re headed down a dangerous path, and we have faith that He won’t steer us wrong. He sees the big picture. #That’llPreach

How is God showing up in your life?

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