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So You Like the New Crowder?

Posted on January 24, 2018
By Nikki Martinez
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Nikki Martinez
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Hello and a Happy New Year Friend!

Even though I know MANY people could listen to Christmas music all-year long, for myself, it was nice to get back to regular scheduled music 🙂 That being said, we couldn’t get into a New Year without finding some new tracks! Thanks to God’s guidance, the help of our KVNE Music Crew (which you can sign-up to be part of HERE), and lots of listening times, here are the new 4 songs for 2018.


Mandisa featuring TobyMac, “Bleed The Same”

Mandisa has never been one to shy away in her music from speaking truth into a listeners heart. And once again, with the help of her (and everyone’s friend) TobyMac, the 2 share their heart on what God calls us to do to all of His children – love others as we want to be loved and treated. Here’s a little more from Mandisa’s heart about the message in this new song:


Big Daddy Weave, “Jesus I Believe”

It was great to have Mike Weaver, lead singer of this crew, here with our East Texas pastors a few months ago. And while he was here, he performed this song, which many couldn’t get out of their heads. If you’ve been listening to 91.3 KGLY, you’ve probably heard it there first, but we decided that it was time for KVNE listeners to enjoy it to.


Aaron Cole, “Right On Time”

Signed onto Gotee Records at the end of last year, Aaron is already making an impact with this song in just a small amount of time. Even though it may not feel like the summer time outside in East TX, this song definitely brings some warmth with a beat to match. Plus, it always helps to have Toby partner with you on your first single (then again, Gotee Records is owned by TobyMac and his firends)


Crowder featuring Tauren Wells, “All My Hope”

Just like “Jesus I Believe,” if you’ve been going back and forth from us to our sister station KGLY, you’ve probably heard this one already. And seeing that it’s gotten STUCK in our heads here at the station (and it tested really well on our Music Crew Survey), we couldn’t just leave it at KGLY. I’ll be honest, when I saw Crowder was being joined by Tauren Wells on this song, I was a little confused on how that would sound (Crowder usually is known for his raspiness and Tauren with his smooth-soul-sound). But then I heard the song and was blown away, by the sound and message. Hopefully you feel the same too!


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